Is President Obama the Worst President in History

Over at Townhall, Ben Shapiro has an excellent piece on whether President Obama is the worst president in history.  In my opinion, he makes a very good case that he is.

The part that I find amusing is that the regime keeps trying to paint his predecessors, including both Presidents Bush and Reagan in that light.  But even the left are finding that line of argument is growing tired.  In this transcript of MSNBC’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Howard Fineman—not exactly conservatives, at least by my definition—thoroughly trashed the Presidents speech yesterday.  And rightly so: it was embarrassingly bad.

One last jibe, if I may: a major theme of the election was that “the one” was going to “restore America’s image in the world.”  I wonder what the Israeli press or the UK press think about that now.  They are, after all, among our foremost allies, right?


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