Not the same—in any way…

A very dear friend of mine has radically different views of politics than I do. One of his mantras is: “The two parties are all the same.”

Sorry, pal, but they’re really not: A few examples:

1. The Republican Party, and Conservatives generally, have always wanted to win when we deployed the military. That’s not true with the Dems. Take, for example, Harry Reid’s “This war is lost” statements. I can make a case that, at a minimum, Congressional Dems actively worked against the national interests of the United States. You absolutely cannot say that about Republicans.

2. While we do have statists in the Republican Party, there aren’t very many of them and the few that are left are thankfully disappearing. This contrasts directly with the Democrats who are actively statist as a matter of policy.

3. You really can’t argue that any credible Republican would have implemented any of the disastrous policies that the Democrat Congress and the Socialist President has enacted over these past few years (especially including the four years since the Dems last took the House):

a. Health Insurance Reform (It really has nothing at all to do with health care—except that it will unquestionably drive down both quality and availability) – a bad idea in the first place, but even if you like the idea, the implementation is disastrous. Medical rationing, a hugely expansive and expensive bureaucracy, insurance rates driven up (rather than down as they claimed) and on and on. Not to mention the 700-odd waivers that have been bestowed chiefly on allies of the Democrats, especially Big Labor.

b. Stimulus/TARP/all the rest of the Keynesian crap that they’ve shoved on us. OK. Let’s follow the Democrat logic here: they’ve spent us into bankruptcy (more spent in the two years since Obama was elected than in the prior 200 years of the Republic) so now we need to spend more money to “stimulate” an otherwise moribund economy. Moribund, I might add, precisely because of the very policies that the Dems have advocated.

c. Destructive social policies, including the repeal of welfare reform, attempts to destroy conventional conception of marriage, gun control, and a raft of others.

d. Taking over GM and firing the CEO? Excuse me? In the USA?

4. The attempted destruction of the free market system. We can argue about whether they’re doing this intentionally or not, but the Dems are actively, through their policies, attempting to dismantle or otherwise disable the free market system in this country. And I would argue that that system is precisely what caused this country to be exceptional in the first place. In a mere hundred years or so, this country went from being a provincial colonial backwater to being a preeminent world power. Few, if any, other countries have achieved that in human history. (And, I would add, against the explicit objections of the left.)

5. Next, the left, unlike the right, has complete and utter contempt for the people of this country—and especially those who do not agree with their views. Take for example, the following quote from Rep. Dingell: “The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” Perhaps you wish to be “controlled”, but I do not. (And I presume he meant 300 million people, not merely 300 people…)

6. While there are certainly examples of the right disparaging those who disagree with them, I can make a good case that that is not the policy of the Republican Party, whereas it is the explicit policy of the Dems.  The main thrust of their policies is: “The people are too dumb/stupid/incompetent to do this therefore we leftists must either do it for them or mandate that they do it our way.” The right, for the most part, simply wants to be left alone.

No, I’m sorry. There are huge differences between right and left, Republicans and Democrats. I don’t care which one you favor, but you really can’t argue that they’re the same.


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