Anti-Semites, All

Christiane Amanpour had better watch herself.  Between her recent statements that she was “stunned” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “public lecture” and treating Obama “like a school boy,” and her past transgressions, including the 2007 documentary “God’s Warriors”, she runs the risk of being labeled as anti-Semitic.  Which, in fact, I believe she is.

Even if her public pronouncements hadn’t given me to believe this, the propensity of the left to label anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s policies as a “racist” must therefore give me the right to label her as anti-Semitic.

Of course, most of the other media leftists are anti-Semitic too:  Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and the unlamented Helen Thomas.

Gee, the leftists are right.  This is great fun!

UPDATE: 26May11 8:25 – Link added to HotAir article that is the icing on the cake to the whole “RAAAAACIST” thing…


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