Democrats Have Contempt for Ordinary Americans

I am infuriated, outraged, nearly apoplectic about Vice-President Joe Biden’s comment that Tea Party Republicans have “acted like terrorists” in negotiations of the debt-ceiling deal.

I have noted several times the repeated calls from Democrats for “civility” and to “tone down the angry rhetoric”.  This is just another example of their complete, total, and utter hypocrisy.

It is especially ironic since it would be far closer to the truth if one were to accuse the administration of being terrorists:  an economic record that is unmatched since the great depression, a spending spree that beggars imagination, a foreign policy record that makes Chamberlain look competent, and a domestic policy record that is best compared to a train-wreck.  It’s almost as if they are intentionally attempting to destroy the country.

Let’s not even talk about the personal corruption of both the President and Vice-President (and many of their cronies), as ably documented by Michelle Malkin in “Culture of Corruption.”

How could it possibly be acceptable for a so-called “public servant” to refer to his constituents in such a manner?

I urge every American—whether or not they agree with the Tea Party—to join me by contacting the Vice President and demanding an apology for this completely unacceptable behavior.  His contact page is here.

UPDATE:  A reader was kind enough to remind me that the Democrats actually have terrorists on their side:  Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers–a close personal friend of the President.   So this is typical leftist projection.


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