Four (More) Reasons Not To Re-Elect Obama

A troll that we see here from time to time accused me of “not using specifics” in my criticisms of our saintly and much-maligned President, his regime, and leftists in general.  I disagree, of course, having given facts and statistics time and again, but the troll isn’t interested in facts that differ from his preconceptions.  

It won’t work, but let’s try again, just for amusement value.  

In addition to the many reasons that I’ve discussed in other posts, I can think of another four important reasons not to re-elect Obama:

  1. The inexperience argument still applies.  We “hired” a president who had been a community organizer and, briefly, a state senator, but had only been on the national scene for less than a year.  His policies as well as his methods of relating to congress, the press, political opponents, and others shows that he simply doesn’t have the experience to do the job.  And, at least in my opinion, he hasn’t learned enough on the job for that to be an argument for re-election. 
  2. Conflict.  This president seems to have a tin ear when it comes to people who disagree with him–which happens quite frequently, on both the left and the right.  In fact, he seems to get rather petulant.  Take, as just one example (this is a specific, troll), his trashing of the Supreme Court in a joint session of congress, or his trashing of Paul Ryan.  Not exactly statesmanlike, to say the least.  Petulance is not exactly a quality we should value in a president.
  3. His insistence on taxes and reluctance to cut spending.  Fact: according to CNS news, Obama added more to the national debt in the first 19 months of his presidency than all presidents from Washington to Reagan combined.  And since then, the spending has continued unabated.  Rather than recognizing that spending is, in fact, a serious problem, and that massive spending cuts are absolutely necessary, he balks—and simply insists that increased taxes are the only answer.  Personally, I suspect that we will need to raise taxes at some point—if only to pay for Democrats’ irresponsible spending.  But we’ve been rolled by Democrats far too many times on spending cuts not to insist on having the cuts made first this time.  (Example:  House Democrats promised President Reagan that they would make comprehensive spending reductions, including entitlement reforms, if he agreed to accept their desired tax increase.  He took the deal, but the mendacious Democrats took the tax hike and somehow “forgot” to enact the spending cuts.  This happened under Bush 38 as well.)  In my opinion, one of the reasons for the rise of the Tea Party movement—which, by the way, includes quite a few grass-roots Democrats—is the completely irresponsible fiscal management shown by Democrats in Washington.
  4. His inability to lead.  Even many of the hard-core leftists I know realize that the President has simply voted “present” too many times.  There are dozens of examples:  the handling of the whole Libyan situation, the debt negotiations that went on for months before he decided to play a role—and then reverted to the petulant behavior discussed above, and so on.  Basically the man couldn’t lead ants to a picnic.

So, to sum up, Obama should not be reelected because of his incompetence, inexperience, immaturity, petulance, prevarications, and his inability to lead.  

Enough specifics for you, troll?


One comment on “Four (More) Reasons Not To Re-Elect Obama

  1. LOL, Are you critical?

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