Looking to the Future

If the election were held tomorrow, Republicans would win in a landslide.  Now admittedly, a lot can change between now and November of next year, but for the sake of argument let’s assume that the landslide actually happens.  What then?

When you learn to fly airplanes, you are taught that both in normal flight and in emergencies you have three priorities: Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate.  With a little tweaking, these priorities can also be applied to politics.

First, we’ll change the “aviate” to “govern”.  The Republicans will have to show that they can govern responsibly.  Principally, this means getting the nation’s fiscal house back in order by reducing debt and regulation.  It also means rolling back, at a minimum, the more egregious leftist policies and regulations, including Obamacare, incandescent light bulb bans, and a host of others.

Secondly, the “navigate” means to know exactly where you are, where you’re going, and how to get from here to there.  This means that the Republicans will need to articulate a clear vision of the kind of county we want to have.  It means not being dissuaded by the howls of anguish that will inevitably come from the fringe extremists on the left.  It means being steadfast and strong in the face of the desperate resistance.

Finally, the Republicans will need to communicate their ideas well, in spite of intractable resistance from the leftists in the national media.  They will need to develop alternate methods of communication, including the so-called “new media”.  Most of all, they’ll need to have a clear message and they’ll need to stay on message all the time—which suggests a unity that we really haven’t seen since the Reagan administration.

We haven’t seen these three characteristics from Republicans much in recent years.  That’s why they need to start preparing to govern now, rather than a year from now.

The experience of the past two years of President Obama, and the past seven years of a Democrat congress have made Americans acutely aware of the failings of the left.  Conservatives have a nearly unprecedented opportunity to take both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  Let’s make sure that we’re ready.  “Govern, Navigate, Communicate”


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  1. Why is it I all the time feel like you do?

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