Running On Their Record

Just once, I’d like to see one of the Left actually try to run the ongoing Presidential campaign on their actual record.

Hmmm.  Let’s try another list:

  • Budget & Economy: 17% unemployment, nationalizing General Motors and firing the CEO
  • Crime: Covert gun-control policy, Project GUNRUNNER, Eric Holder
  • Education: “Race to the Top”, Arne Duncan
  • Energy: Green jobs that cost $1.6 Million, Sky-high gas prices, illegal drilling moratoria
  • Foreign Policy: Bowing to enemies, insulting Great Britain and Israel, downgrading the “War on Terror”, Al-Arabiya interview
  • Health Care:  Obamacare
  • Immigration:  Arizona lawsuit, DREAM act, amnesty
  • Labor: NLRB problems, Boeing trying to open plant in North Carolina, Wisconsin
  • National defense:  Iranian and North Korean nuclear proliferation, large defense budget cuts, Chinese expansionism
  • Principles and Values: Bill Ayres, ACORN, Vilification of opposing viewpoints, family issues (Uncle, mother, brother in hut), Racism

To be sure, there have been a few successes, but the weaknesses are so strong and in so many policy areas, that they don’t even begin to offset.

I guess that explains why Democrats are not running on their record, instead simply choosing to demonize their opponents…


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