Why I’m Happy About the Republican Primary Field

First, regular readers will know that I am an unapologetic conservative, so it will come as no surprise that I would prefer a Republican presidential candidate who reflects my views.  But let there be no mistake:  I would cheerfully and happily vote for anyone who does not have the name “Barack Obama”, even if they are a RINO.  In short, I would vote for Elmer Fudd to get rid of B.O..

Having said that, despite a determined effort by the left to smear and where possible disqualify all of the Republican candidates, it looks like a pretty good field to me.  Each candidate has strengths and weaknesses that are being revealed by the vetting process, and each one is being forced to explain their policies and general views to the voting public.

Contrast that with the fawning adulation and lack of vetting that Obama had during the last election cycle.  For example, here’s a clip of Charlie Rose and Tom Brocaw after the election, marveling about how little they know about Barack Obama.  Since they knew so little about him, I can only conclude that they voted for him simply because he is black.  (Now who is more racist?  Someone who votes for a white candidate because they’re white or someone who votes for a black candidate because they’re black?)

Assuming that there are no surprises, it seems likely that Obama will be running unopposed, which means that he is unlikely to get any more vetting from the media this time around than he did last time.  So we are unlikely to learn anything more about him than we already know from his record—and he certainly can’t run on his record.  (He might try the “Republicans obstructed me” argument, but that’s easily defeated by reminding him that he had a super-majority in the House and a large majority in the Senate for the first two years of his term.)

That leads me to several conclusions:  First, while it’s too early to predict an easy victory, the Democrats are ripe for a sweeping defeat at every level from President to dogcatcher.  (See this article from HotAir for some evidence.)  Second, as responsible conservatives, we need to be fully prepared to govern, which was the topic of one of my previous articles.

That, in turn, leads me to believe that the leftists are likely to become increasingly desperate in the time between now and the general election.  We can anticipate more of the “racist” meme, more of the “Republicans are Nazi” theme, more of the “teabagger” theme, threats of violence, dark suggestions that a Republican victory will lead to civil unrest, and so on.  In short, we can expect the usual leftist behavior—completely unsupported by facts or reason.

Oh, and I nearly forgot: we can certainly anticipate that at least one celebrity leftist will threaten to leave the country if the Republican candidate wins.  (And in the event of a Republican victory, the celebrity will almost certainly fail to keep their promise.  Unfortunately.)

There is one point on which I agree with virtually every pundit out there, as well as most politicians of both parties: this is likely to be one of the most vicious, dirty, hard-fought presidential campaigns in living memory—due exclusively to the desperation of the leftists…

And that desperation makes me very happy.  We conservatives must be sure to capitalize on it.



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