Lifestyles of the Perpetually Enraged

In my last article, I predicted that we would see an increasingly desperate left in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election.  That ties in, however, to two dominant tendencies of the left:  First the mob behavior that Ann Coulter describes in her excellent book “Demonic”, and second their perpetual rage at nearly everything.  I could fill this entire space with examples, but why bother?  Just take a look at the websites for the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos and you’ll get the idea.

This is in stark contrast to conservatives.  By and large, conservatives would mostly like to not be enraged.  We would prefer to spend our time with our families, or earning our livings and thus making ourselves and our families rich, or volunteering, or going to church. Whereas it seems that the left, particularly the extreme left, spends most of their time focusing on how awful things are and engaging in the mob behavior that Ms. Coulter describes.

As an example, I have a close friend who is an extreme leftist.  She describes herself as an anarchist.  If I take a quick look at her Facebook page, she has a rant about her landlord building a parking lot for her apartment building, an advocacy piece touting the forgiveness of all student loans, a paean to her visit to Madison, Wisconsin where she participated in the leftist protests, an enraged article about how “immoral” the Republican’s budget is, and on and on and on.  There’s not a single mention of her family, of any leisure activities aside from politics, of any sports, comedy, films.  Just references to things like “the Republicans War on Women.”  Perpetually enraged.

It is leftists’ single-minded focus on politics—on insisting that everyone else live by their standards—that keeps conservatives perpetually on the defensive.  We are forced to focus on politics to defend against their never-ending quest for power while we would prefer to be engaged in more productive enterprises.

Finally, let us note that virtually all of the leftists arguments end up being an attack on capitalism and/or private property.  It is one of their major core beliefs that “society” has a greater claim on the productive energy of the individual than the individual himself.  And one of their major arguments for this is that capitalism results in some people making more money than others, which they call “unfair”.  Never mind that every socialist and communist regime has had even greater inequality of outcomes; they argue that the regimes failed to implement “leftism” correctly.

I submit to you that no society or government that is predicated on “equality of outcomes” can ever succeed.  It will inevitably end up in tyranny and oppression, that, like the Soviet Union, forces people to behave in immoral ways simply to survive.

One way that we can fight against the perpetual rage of the left is to use humor and mock them.  This is why Rush Limbaugh, Paul Shanklin, the entire crew at PJTV, and Linda Miller are so despised by the left.  So I leave you with a link to Linda Miller’s latest lampoon of the left:



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