An Open Letter to the “Occupy Wall Street” Protestors and Their Bretheren Everywhere

Protestors on Wall Street and Elsewhere:

I support your right to peaceably assemble, but I do not support your right to block traffic, impede pedestrians, spit, urinate or defacate in public, shout obscenities or perform any of the other illegal acts that you are committing.

Had I the power to do so, I would allow you to assemble wherever you wish, provided it doesn’t interfere with your fellow citizens—and then I would arrest anyone who so much as breathed wrong.  Don’t worry about jail space, I’d borrow Sherriff Arpaio’s tactics and set up as many as I needed.  For the Wall Street protestors, Central Park might be a good place for a tent jail with offenders in pink overalls.  That way, the law-abiding citizens of New York can view the vermin for their own amusement – pour encourager les autres.

On a more substantive point, what exactly are you going to do with Wall Street once you “take it back”?  It’s certain that not one of you has the foggiest idea how to run a business, still less one as complicated as the U.S. financial markets.

For those of you who opt to behave legally, bravo.  But my response to you is ignore you.  You have not made any substantive points that I’m aware of.  Your critique of capitalism is shallow and facile, and frequently based on untrue “facts” and poor analysis.  Therefore, I have nothing to learn from you.  It might be tempting to set up a counter-protest, but frankly I think that would be dignifying you too much.  No, it’s better simply to acknowledge your existence and move on with life.

On another level, I find your protest amusing.  Clearly you have nothing better to do with your time: you could be working, learning something, volunteering to help others, whatever.   Instead, you choose to stand around in a mob, embarrass yourselves and belittle others for not doing the same.  Funny, but rather pathetic.

I would like to ask you all two questions:  Why are “big corporations” bad, but “big government” is good?  Do you have any evidence that unfettered government will lead to the results that you seek?  (Hint:  Please consider the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, Cambodia, Albania, and the former Eastern Bloc countries in your response.)  You are protesting “Wall Street”, but with no specific policy or set of policies that you advocate, so I conclude that you are doing this merely to create a nuisance and garner attention.

Of course that last paragraph was a waste of keystrokes, because first of all it’s unlikely that any one of you will read this article, mostly because it might challenge your most closely held beliefs, but also because your thinking is so shallow that it can all be put on a bumper sticker….or a protest sign.

So I’m writing this piece to let you know that I noticed, but that I completely and utterly reject your protest and your rage.  I hear you, and I choose to ignore you.  Go home, kids, you bother me.  Yawn.

Oh, and please consider bathing.  Thank you.

Vox Populi


One comment on “An Open Letter to the “Occupy Wall Street” Protestors and Their Bretheren Everywhere

  1. J. Phillips says:

    Right on! And these are the people who think the Tea Party is disillusioned and “out of touch”. Simply pathetic.

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