The Increasing Desperation of the Left

Many other writers have written about the notion that the left is becoming increasingly desperate.  They obviously know that they got “shellacked” in the midterms, and they clearly sense that the upcoming general elections could easily go against them.  Again I am taking the “laundry-list” approach to examine just how desperate they have become.

  • “Occupy Wall Street” seems to be the American version of the austerity riots in Greece and elsewhere.  Their idiocy knows no bounds, and they fail to notice that “Wall Street” financial types have donated far more money to left-wing causes and Obama’s campaign than to conservative causes.
  • Vice-President Biden has gone to the extraordinary length of claiming that rape and murder rates will rise if Congress does not pass the so-called “Jobs Bill”—or as I like to call it “Stimulus 2.5”.
  • As we have all noticed, Democrats are tossing charges of “RAAACISM” at anything that moves and isn’t left-leaning.  As I noted in an earlier piece, they have done this so extensively that the charge is largely losing its power.
  • In a stunning move, radical leftist Roseanne Barr called for the rich to be beheaded.  (Is the phrase “radical leftist Roseanne Barr” redundant?)
  • After the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, the left all jumped on the bandwagon that the violence was attributable to Sarah Palin, Conservative talk show hosts, or the right in general.  Of course, this continues a theme that we have noticed before: they did the same thing after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Ted Kaczynski, and a number of other infamous acts.
  • The many acts of union thuggery, beginning in Wisconsin but continuing in Washington State and elsewhere, is one of the more obvious signs of desperation.  Throw in the demented statements of union leaders like Richard Trumka and you can see a textbook case of radical left-wing desperation.
  • In one of the more amusing examples, North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue advocated suspending Congressional elections.  While she quickly backed away from her (on the record, recorded) statements, it not only highlights the totalitarian leanings of the left, but again their desperation.
  • In the run-up to the midterm elections, there were many examples of near panic.  My favorite was when Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Halverson’s campaign was caught red-handed planting “Nazi” signs at her opponent’s campaign event.  (Thankfully, her opponent, Adam Kinzinger won.)
  • If an reader has a strong enough stomach, a reading of DNC (or any other left-leaning organization) press releases show an increasingly strident tone and often resort to scare tactics.

This list is by no means comprehensive.  The writing is on the wall.  The left can see the same signs that we all see:  unless something cataclysmic happens, conservatives are very likely to see some big gains in the next election.

If we do see conservative gains, we need to be ready to govern.  We need conservative candidates to run on a clear, well-articulated platform, and we need to stay on message.  The message is simple: virtually all of the problems that the country faces have been caused by leftist policies, and electing conservatives will help to begin to fix things.  (Note that I did not say that we need to elect Republicans, but conservatives.)

We also need to be cautious about over-promising.  Even if we elect a veto-proof conservative majority in both houses and a conservative President, we still won’t be able to fix everything that the leftists have messed up in one term, so we need to be very clear with the electorate that this is the beginning of a long-term solution to the problems that we face—and that we will need their continued support.


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