Republican Lite vs. Conservatives

I have rarely been as annoyed at an op-ed as I was this morning by Peggy Noonan’s piece “The Divider vs. the Thinker“. I do not have the time, the stomach, or the inclination to dissect the many factual and logical errors in her piece, but I will focus on two especially egregious ones.

First, Ms. Noonan says that Occupy Wall Street “seem[s] as incapable of seeing government as part of the problem as Republicans seem of seeing business as part of the problem.”  The logical fallacy is that Republicans, or at least conservatives, are not as enslaved by businesses as Ms. Noonan suggests.  The factual fallacy is that businesses were not part of the problem, except to the extent that they obeyed the mandates placed on them by an uncaring, unthinking, and dysfunctional government.  And, at the time, there was a Democrat president and both houses of Congress were run by Democrats with veto-proof majorities.

Let us all remember Janet Reno (who, last time I checked, is a Democrat) threatening businesses who did not comply with federal investigations.  Essentially saying that if banks did not make loans to people who couldn’t repay them, they would face expensive federal investigations.  In that light, I don’t see that banks had too many options!

And let’s also remember that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank—both of whom, to put it charitably, have ethical challenges in this whole affair, given that they were both getting sweetheart mortgage deals from Countrywide—were staunch defenders of the management and financial stability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac throughout the entire Bush administration.  Of course, the Bush administration tried to reform Fannie and Freddie but were blocked by Democrat opposition.

No.  Business wasn’t part of this problem.  Government and Democrats were the entire problem.

Second, Ms. Noonan ends the piece by praising Paul Ryan by cherry-picking some of his comments to make him appear liberal and then saying that “If more Republicans thought—and spoke—like this, the party would flourish.”  This is arrant nonsense and is more of the “Republicans need to be more liberal in order to get elected” meme that leftists and some RINOs constantly tout.

In my view, John McCain lost the last presidential election precisely because he billed himself as “Democrat Lite”.  He therefore didn’t appeal to most Democrats who would understandably prefer to have the real hard-core leftist than the “lite” variety, and he also didn’t appeal to most Republicans who didn’t want any sort of Democrat, “lite” or not.

In this upcoming presidential election, Republicans need to grow a spine and nominate a bona-fide conservative.  Given Obama’s job-approval numbers and the fact that an increasing number of people are identifying themselves as conservatives, we should be able to engineer a landslide victory.  Then, as I’ve mentioned many times, it will be time to govern according to conservative principles. 

We’ve given the leftists total power in the form of both houses of Congress and the presidency for two years, and near total power for another year or so, and it has done grave damage to the Republic.  The time is coming for conservatives to start fixing the mess that leftist policies have created—yet again.


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