Turnabout is Fair Play

Slate.com has crossed the line.  They held a “Caption Contest” featuring Rick Santorum and his two daughters, one of whom is still in middle school.  Some of the entries, which can be seen here, are nothing short of heinous.  

So I propose some turnabout.  If it’s OK for Slate to do this with Mr. Santorum’s children, it must be OK for us to do the exact same thing–only we’ll use the editor of Slate, Mr. David Plotz, and his wife Hanna Rosin, of the Washington Post, and their two children Noa and Jacob.

Let’s not go too far, though, folks.  Let’s show more class than the leftist dolts over at Slate.Image


5 comments on “Turnabout is Fair Play

  1. Dobro Dan says:

    TeeHee! He actually believes they are his kids!

  2. Vic says:

    Actually “turn about is fair play” really isn’t. We can feel sorry enough for Noa and Jacob because they are being raised by the likes of such a reprobate person. Therefore, we do not need to add to their already miserable life.

  3. Scott says:

    A poster on another blog said “Liberals are twice as good as us. They don’t just have standards, they have DOUBLE standards”. While what Slate has done is reprehensible, I won’t mock Noa and Jacob for having morally bankrupt parents.

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