More Turnabout – Barry’s Donor List

Snopes published a bit recently about Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne.  He is alleged (correctly, according to Snopes) to have…gasp…wait for it…donated money to Rick Santorum.   The presumably viral e-mail that Snopes discusses also states that Mr. Hayne is against gay marriage and abortion.  (Snopes cannot confirm that part.)

The e-mail does not suggest that readers do anything specific, but the letter does note that Mr. Hayne also owns Anthropologie and Free People.  My interpretation is that this is a slightly veiled suggestion that sympathetic readers should boycott Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People.

This seems to be part of a trend where the left goes after people whose viewpoints differ from their own as demonstrated by their donations—let’s use the Koch brothers as just one example.

So let’s do another “Turnabout is Fair Play”.  This time with major donors to Barack Obama…  The charts and data are from

The first chart is Obama donors by corporation.  Now it’s important to note that generally the corporations themselves do not make the donation, their PACs and employees do.

Microsoft Corp $289,088
DLA Piper $217,582
Google Inc $167,565
University of California $157,092
Harvard University $155,808
Morgan & Morgan $130,145
Comcast Corp $127,700
Skadden, Arps et al $119,074
Sidley Austin LLP $116,227
Time Warner $109,442
US Dept of State $106,040
Debevoise & Plimpton $92,026
National Amusements Inc $88,014
Stanford University $87,858
Kaiser Permanente $87,502
University of Chicago $87,100
US Government $86,589
Columbia University $84,722
Latham & Watkins $82,783
Wilmerhale Llp $81,455

The second chart is the top ten bundlers for Obama.  Personally, I find it amusing that Jon Corzine is on the list.  If that doesn’t reflect the President’s ethical and moral challenges, I don’t know what does.

Name Employer Contributions*
Katzenberg, Jeffrey DreamWorks SKG


Eychaner, Fred Newsweb Corp


Cohen, David Comcast Corp


Stetson, Jane Democratic National Cmte


Effron, Blair Centerview Partners


Corzine, Jon MF Global


Rosen, Jack Rosen Partners


Connors, Eileen and Jack Hill Holliday


Barzun, Matthew Brickpath LLC


Now, unlike the lefties, I’m not really suggesting that we should do anything about these individuals or corporations.  I do think, however, that there are a couple of points that will confound the leftists:  First, anyone who claims that big business favors Republicans really needs to take a serious look at the numbers—because they’re WRONG.  Second, it certainly shows that many of the demographic claims that the right has been making are right on the money.  Nearly all of the companies are from the coasts (excepting a few Chicago outfits, which is understandable).  Government agencies, health care, and law firms are well represented, and of course Big Education.

Now tell me again, who is the 1%?



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