Adopting the Tactics of the Left


For some time now, I have been considering whether we of the right should consider adopting some of the tactics of the left.  While it might be more difficult to get conservatives to “take to the streets” because more of us have jobs and families and so on, (Unlike the Occupy Movement, some of us even have decent personal hygiene, which might be a challenge…) I’m starting to think it might be a good idea.

Consider a few of the following scenarios:

  • Next time Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. makes one of his trademark obnoxious statements, like suggesting that the lefties “take us out,” maybe we should consider picketing his home, just like the lefties do to selected people whom they dislike.  We don’t need to go as far as his thugs do and frighten his sons half to death.  (David and Geoffrey are graduates of Michigan State University, so I doubt that’s much of a factor.)
  • How about some picketing?  It doesn’t take more than a few dozen people to set up a picket line outside the offices of one of the more objectionable leftist groups or one of the unions.  One wonders how, say, the SEIU thugs would take to being picketed.
  • Best of all, how about we try some of the less disgraceful things that the Occupy nuts did?  (We certainly don’t need to stop bathing or start raping women, as they did.)While I would oppose defecating on their automobiles, it might be fun to do a “mike check” at the next big NEA or SEIU meeting.  Or to set up drum lines outside the hotel at the next big function, whatever it might be.  Or even a sit-in or two in some place where leftists gather.

If we were to do some of these things, I think we need to recognize, in advance, the likely reaction.  First of all, the media are likely to ignore or downplay whatever we do.  It will take a major effort to get any media attention at all.  Secondly, even if we do manage to get some “ink,” we will be attacked and disparaged.

But it might even be worth the attacks, because I suspect that it would drive great fear into the hearts and souls of the leftists.  It is, after all, taking them on their “home turf”.  And I can’t imagine that the Hoffa types would like having their homes picketed.  (Not to make this too much of a point, but a few minutes of internet research suggests that 2593 Hounds Chase Drive, Troy, MI 48096 might be an interesting place to try to find him.  It looks like a nice place.  I bet he’s not one of the 99%…)

Nor am I suggesting that we should limit ourselves to Mr. Hoffa.  George Soros home on Cantitoe St. in Katonah, NY might also be a fun place to visit.  Or why should we ignore some of the Hollywood types that lend their support to the left?  Barbra Streisand is famous for her fondness for privacy—so demonstrating at 6838 Zumirez Drive in Malibu might be amusing.

Occupy Union Halls is the last initiative that I’d like to float.  Practically every town in America of more than modest size has a union hall.  All some people might need to do is pick the most thuggish of the lot—which might be a difficult choice—and start the sit-ins.  (Warning:  Union thugs are known to be a violent bunch.  It might be prudent to take steps to ensure the safety of our sympathizers.)

I really would like some feedback on whether this would be a good idea or not.  I like the fact that we manage to keep it classy most of the time—unlike our opponents on the left.  The Tea Party proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I don’t want us to lose our manners.  But I think we need to stop ceding ground and go on the offensive a bit—and this would certainly get their attention.


One comment on “Adopting the Tactics of the Left

  1. Jodaph says:

    I think these tactics are now absolutely necessary at this point. We are slowly being driven into a corner, and we need to fight back before that corner gets any smaller and results in violence.

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