Do lives really matter to the left?

The kerfuffle about “Black Lives Matter” is a perfect illustration for many of the things that are wrong with the modern left.

They assert that “Black Lives Matter”, with dire overtones of racism and victimhood.  They attempt to shout down any suggestion that “Police Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” as if that would detract from the notion that black lives matter as well.

So–by their choosing–we end up in a situation where ONLY black lives matter.  Nothing else is allowed to.

So what we end up with is the zero-sum game: the exaltation of one preferred group over the others.  A veritable leftist triumph of divisiveness.

Parenthetically, let’s remember that according to National Review, there are more black children aborted in New York City than there are live births.  By a large margin:  31,328 abortions to 24,758 live births.  That totaled out to more than 40% of all abortions in New York City.  Talk about racial disparity.   About 25% of New York City residents identify themselves as black, with another 4% identifying themselves as “more than one race.”

Despite the yowls and gripes of the left, Conservatives are fairly consistent in wanting to treat all people similarly.  “Let’s not favor black college applicants over white, but rather design a program where as many students as possible can succeed–regardless of the color of their skin.”  But the leftist then claims that we’re helping the “majority” student more than the “minority” student.

So what do we have:

  1. To the left, black criminals like Michael Brown or Freddie Grey, are exemplary human beings who are so important to a twisted idea of justice that it’s worth burning and looting entire cities.  And their willing accomplices in the media play along, even when it’s discovered that there are significant facts pointing to their guilt–or at least that they were less than angelic human beings.
  2. At the same time to the left it’s just fine to slaughter 31, 328 black babies–in one large city alone–and call it “social justice” or a “civil right”.  (For whom?  Certainly not the baby.)
  3. Above all, treating people equally with dignity and respect is not sufficient.  Why this is so is never explained.

For my own part, I’m willing to be the contrarian–and to risk the cries of “raaaacism” that are practically certain to come from the left: Black lives do matter–but not more than any other lives.  White lives matter too.  As do all lives.

There are also times when the right thing to do is to end those lives–as police, military, and others sometimes have to do.

Yeah, life is tough, children.  Deal with it.


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