Calling the Socialists’ Bluff

President Obama and his accomplices on the left have a long habit of denigrating and demonizing anyone who dares disagree with them.  His most recent slander—with a hat-tip to his pathetic idea of humor—was saying that Republicans are like “grumpy cat”.  His attempt at humor fell flat, except among his sycophants, but it does show his oh-so-sophisticated way of dealing with dissent.  No other president in history—Republican or Democrat—has exceeded his partisanship.

Similarly, his fellow-travelers have lately showed that they are as bigoted and intolerant as their fearless leaders.  In fact, because they are unfettered by trying to maintain even the faintest patina of civility, they have gone to levels that have not been exceeded in U.S. history.  In one case, Senator Kerry, currently the most hapless and inept Secretary of State since the abysmal Hillary Clinton and the hopeless Warren Christopher suggested that anyone who has the temerity to disagree with their orthodoxy regarding the Holy Church of Climate Change should be banned from public office.  This is a level of Stalinism that has never been seen at such a high level in the United States.

And then we have the charming ideologue and U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who suggested—in a move redolent of the Salem Witch Trials—that anyone who dares disagree with him about Climate Change should be prosecuted.

In the pièce de résistance, the delightful bigots at Salon magazine, in what I suppose was designed to be a daring provocation, suggested that anyone who owns a gun should be shot.  This notion, in my opinion, takes the level of bigotry and intolerance of anyone who dares disagree with leftist orthodoxy to an entirely new level–and that level justifies a strong response.

It is obvious to anyone who is not a Stalinist—meaning roughly 99% of today’s Democrat party—that their bigotry and intolerance grows ever more blatant and extreme by the day.  I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised, since this is the party of the KKK, Bull Connor, and segregationists like William Fullbright (and his protégé William Jefferson Clinton and his wife) and Albert Gore Sr. (and his son).  But we are surprised and disappointed.

I know full well that there are good, honorable Democrats.  There must be at least one or two.  I even suppose that there might be a few of them left that aren’t Socialists who advocate that the U.S. follow the path of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Castro, and Hitler, but I don’t see very many of them.  It seems that today’s Leftists are in a headlong rush to see who can most closely approximate those sociopaths.

Therefore, I would suggest that the American left has forsaken America and its fondest ideals and aspirations.  (It may be true that we’ve never achieved those aspirations, but it is nevertheless noble and good to continue to strive for them.)  And by their violent rejection of those ideals, I submit that they have declared themselves ineligible to participate in our American Republic.  If they so desperately wish to live a life of those ideals, let them create their socialist utopia elsewhere.

So I’ll call their bluff:  It’s time to strip anyone in the United States who is registered as a member of the Democrat Party or who has donated to them in the last eight years of their right to vote.  They have proven that they are not sufficiently responsible to participate in our Republic.  If they are going to be that intolerant of those of us who believe in liberty, let us respond in kind.  We have fought and won one revolution to secure ourselves from their folly, we can do so again.


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