Howard Dean is the Only Adult in the Democrat Party

Here is our talking point for the next few months; I would like all of my Conservative friends to begin spreading the word: Howard Dean is the only viable candidate the Democrats have. Only he can challenge President Obama from the left; only he can possibly win the general election by uniting the unions, OWS supporters, and green party folks, and only he has the stature to pull enough independents.

Besides, Obama can’t possibly win: his negatives are far too high, what passes for his foreign policy is a mess, unemployment is too high, there is too much of a taint of corruption around Solyndra, Fast and Furious, and other scandals. The Democrats clearly need someone with unimpeachable credentials like Mr. Dean. Ralph Nader might be another alternative, but we think that Howard Dean is more electable and appeals much more to moderates.

If Conservatives begin to use this talking point in every interview, every column, and every newscast, I’m sure that we can influence the Democrats to nominate the best person for their party. After all, we have their best interests at heart, right?

If you have managed to read this far without gagging several times, I’ll make my sarcasm plain: the man who can’t win a presidential campaign, Bob Shrum, recently wrote an article for The Week entitled “Mitt Romney is the only adult in the room.” As much as I can not help but admire Mr. Shrum’s chutzpah, I thought it might be fun to turn his idea around. After all, if he’s going to try to pick the Republican nominee, why should we not pick the Democrat nominee?

To be honest, this is just an extension of Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos,” where he tried—with considerable success—to persuade the Democrats to nominate Hillary Clinton. (It’s odd that I find myself wishing that Rush had succeeded. After all, could Hillary possibly have been as bad as Obama?)

Back to Mr. Shrum. It is possible that Mr. Shrum senses that the other Democrat favorite, Jon Huntsman, is not likely to succeed. But it is more likely that he is simply trying to get Republicans to nominate a candidate that he thinks can be easily beaten.

He might even be right. In the last election, we saw clearly that Democrat trumps Democrat-lite, especially with a big assist from their toadies in the press. (“I felt this thrill go up my leg” and so on.)

The left hates being ridiculed—even though they spend much of their time ridiculing their opponents. So I see this as an excellent opportunity to mock them. So let’s get out there and trumpet loudly and clearly: “HOWARD DEAN FOR PRESIDENT!”